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Admission Requirements

1. Completion of Enrollment Agreement
2. Payment of Registration Fee
3. Must be at least 18 years old
4. Must possess a valid government issued ID
5. Must speak, write and understand English
6. Must possess a Social Security Number at the time of enrollment.
7. Must present legal residency status in the United States.
8. Must have completed High School or GED
9. Must present a current, non-expired fingerprint clearance card.
10. Completion of physical examination (health screening) signed by a physician or nurse practitioner prior to any direct patient care
11. Undergo a drug screening. Applicants who test positive for any illegal substances will be denied admission.
12. Use of marijuana or its metabolites will be denied admission
13. Must present immunization records including CoVid19 vaccination record
14. Complete an English, Reading and Math competency exam prior to admission in the program. This competency test will be administered to

       applicants prior to admission at no cost to the applicant prior to admission.

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