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Cancellation, Withdrawal and Dismissal



Cancellation shall occur when a student give written notice of cancellation at the address of the School shown on the top of the front page of this Agreement. You can do this by mail or hand delivery. The written notice of cancellation, if sent by mail, is effective when deposited in the mail properly addressed with postage prepaid.

If the School has given any equipment, including books or other materials, you shall return it to the School within 5 days following the date of notice of cancellation. If a student cancels this agreement, the school will refund any money paid, less any deduction for equipment not timely returned in good condition, within 15 days after your notice of cancellation is received.


An applicant rejected by the school is entitled to a refund of all moneys paid.
Cancellation: An applicant who provides written notice of cancellation 3 days after enrollment and/or before the first class session is entitled to a full refund, excluding the $200 non-refundable registration fee and $25 processing fee.


Other Cancellations:

An application requesting cancellation more than the allowed time period and after making an initial payment, to a refund calculated by the number of hours attended.

Withdrawal Policy
Students have the right to withdraw from the program and have the right to receive a pro rata refund according to the portion that has not been completed less the cost of any equipment returned in good condition (good condition does not include equipment that a seal is broken, log-on occurred, or is marked or damaged in any way) and the registration fee.


Withdrawal from a program may occur when the student provides a written notice to the school’s address. This can be done by mail, e-mail or by hand delivery. The written notice of withdrawal, if sent by mail, will be effective upon receipt by the administrative office. It is strongly advised to send via registered mail when mailing.

Withdrawal Procedure:
1. A student choosing to withdraw from the school after the start of classes is to provide a written notice to the Administrator of the

     School. The notice must include the expected last date of attendance and be signed and dated by the student.
2. If special circumstances arise, a student may request, in writing, a leave of absence for a maximum of six (6) months, which should

     include the date the student anticipates the leave beginning and ending. The withdrawal date will be the date the student is scheduled

     to return to from the leave of absence but fails to do so.
3. All refunds will be submitted within 15 days of the determination of the withdrawal date.


Dismissal Policy
Violation of any Academic Policies, Code of Conduct, Uniform Guidelines and failure to fulfill financial
obligations will result to the following procedures:


1st offense – Warning /Verbal Counseling are given to students who violate any of the policies. Students will be on Academic Probation if grades are

                         below C. He/she is required to raise the grades in order to remove the probationary status.

2nd offense – Written Notice is given to students who violate any of the policies for the second time. He/She will be formally counseled by the


3rd offense – Students will be dismissed from the program. No part of the program tuition will be refunded when students are dismissed.

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