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Professional Student Appearance

EVNA students are expected to present themselves in professional manner and are to comply with the following school policies at all times, both in classroom and clinical training institutions:

a. Students are to wear navy blue scrubs and closed toe, non-skid shoes with official school badge while in school and in clinical agencies.

b. Only small stud earrings, wedding/engagement rings, and wristwatch are allowed in class and clinical institutions. Necklaces, if any, are to be worn

     under scrubs.


c. Hair must be clean and is to be kept in a clean bun or tied back or braided away from the face. Male students with long hair are to

     observe the same school policy.


d. Fingernails must be clean and short, and must not extend beyond fingertip. Only neutral and clear nail polish are allowed. Artificial nails are not

     allowed at any time. Students with long nails or artificial/fake nails will not be admitted to class or clinical training.


e. Chewing of gums is strictly prohibited in class and clinical training.

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