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Program Progression and Completion


Students will be eligible for graduation upon meeting the following conditions:

1. Completion of all required hours of theory, lab and clinical Students who have met 120 hours program requirement

    (didactic - 60 hours, lab – 20 hours, clinical training – 40 hours)
2. Achieved a minimum grade of B- at the end of the program
3. Passed the comprehensive written exam and skills demonstration
4. Submission of all required class assignments, reports and papers
5. Return of all materials borrowed from the school during the term of the program
6. Fulfillment of all financial obligations

Grading System:

     A      90-100%
     A -    85-89%
     B      80 - 84%
     B-     75-79%
     C      70-74%
     F      <70%​

Transfer Credits:

Students are required to complete the program regardless of previous education or training credits from another institution.

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