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Sexual Harassment Policy

East Valley Nursing Academy (EVNA) commits to provision of a safe place free from any form of harassment including sexual harassment.

Any person (employee or student) found to have sexually harassed another will be dismissed from employment or course program.



Drug and Alcohol Awareness Policy

As per Drug Free Schools and Communities Act: The Drug Free Schools and Communities Act Amendment of 1989 (Public Law 101-226) East Valley Nursing Academy (EVNA) hereby informs the students of such amendment prohibiting possession, use and distribution of drugs and alcohol by students within school premises and those of medical facilities during clinical rotations. Any violation of the above amendment during the course of the student’s program will require immediate drug test at the student’s expense. Any absences incurred (didactics, skills and clinical) will be considered unexcused, requiring make up attendance with a $50 make up fee.

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